By Land


Some of life’s most beautiful places can be found when you let yourself get a little sidetracked! Off-route, for no good reason, while on a road trip. Railroad tracks in Spencer, NC.  

By Land or By Sea

Peaceful Transition

Coastal activity in the summer is always bustling.  The continuous crowds and the heavier road traffic are the obvious day to day signs that the summer season is in full swing.  But as the schools head back into session, schedules that had been tossed aside to make room for the idleness of summer are drawn… Read More Peaceful Transition

By Land or By Sea

Shem Creek

  Shem Creek is a quaint little fishing village about six miles outside of downtown Charleston in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  Filled with water-view restaurants and sun-bleached shrimp boats, Shem Creek is a wonderful place to spend the afternoon relaxing while listening to the caws of seagulls and shore birds as they fly overhead.  The gentle,… Read More Shem Creek