By Land or By Sea

Peaceful Transition

Coastal activity in the summer is always bustling.  The continuous crowds and the heavier road traffic are the obvious day to day signs that the summer season is in full swing.  But as the schools head back into session, schedules that had been tossed aside to make room for the idleness of summer are drawn upon again as the families return to their homes and jostling routines.

This is a time of renewal for the coast. Peaceful tranquility re-emerges as the beaches are once again able to breathe deeply and relax, as they are no longer obligated to entertain but can now sit back and socialize with their family, the wildlife and locals that remain.



As the weather transitions from late summer into fall, the density of the salt air brings a noticeable crispness that had been long lost in the humidity of the warm summer breezes.  A deep breath of this cooler air and it’s energizing calmness causes the body’s senses to come alive as it anticipates the shift towards the next step in Mother Nature’s cyclical dance.

Although many of our days here are filled with sunny skies and mild temperatures, the days when the weather is cool and misty are those I find most welcoming.  The weight of these two attributes joining together in the ocean air is like a comforting blanket as it dampens the sounds of the waves and the sea birds creating an amicable place for your thoughts to retreat.