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When I was a girl, if you had asked me where I wanted to live when I grew up my answer would have been on a farm..at the beach!

I was born and raised on the sunny West coast of Florida and have always proudly flaunted that I have genuine mermaid blood coursing through my veins due to my salt-loving, sunshiny, Floridian heritage!  And although I can’t completely prove my mermaid heritage, if you take me away from the energizing humidity of salt air for too long my soul truly does start to prune and shrivel very quickly!..That, my dears, is proof enough for me!

I was a true water baby growing up and was fortunate enough to always be either out on a boat somewhere, or running through the whitest, most flour-like sand in the world on Sarasota’s little gem of a beach located on Siesta Key.  Many days were spent in the water, sun and sand with family and friends (and LOTS of food) from morning until SUNSET.  And, as anyone from the “West Coast” of Florida knows, Florida sunsets are the ABSOLUTE BEST!…. or so I thought, until I moved to coastal South Carolina!!

As I grew older, my family in Ohio extended an invitation to me for a long summer visit.  They live in the beautiful hills of rural, southern Ohio and this became a place I loved to return to so I could spend many wonderful days wandering aimlessly across the wildflower-filled hills, through the tobacco and hay fields, and down the old gravel road to my favorite wooden barn. There were always animals to play with, and a cool spring pond, or two, to jump into on a hot summer day! It was here that my love for the farm and the people who lived off the land became engrained in my heart.  Comfort, tranquility, traditions, and LOTS OF LOVE were handed down from generation to generation on that land creating memories that will never be replaced.

Fast forward “several” years… I have been living in the Lowcountry of coastal South Carolina for almost two decades now.  The two places highlighted in my heart as a child can be seen and felt everywhere I go; right here where I landed in South Carolina. Within a thirty minute drive I can go from running barefoot over sandy beaches to running (still barefoot) through mesmerizing cotton fields on a century old farm. The rich history of the Lowcountry’s coastal communities, and the farmlands that surround them, can not be matched anywhere in the world!  Energy, spirit, and tradition are so strong here.   There is so much to do and so many places to explore!  Please come along and join me as we enjoy a little.. SALT COTTON LIVING!!